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Recycled Shower Curtain

Trashion™ Revolutionary Gear

shower curtain

"SPLASH" Recycled Shower Curtain - $84.95

Edgy and playful.

It took an industrial engineer to figure this one out. Splash, our eco-luxe shower curtain, is designed to glide across the rod in panels. We think it’s the best shower curtain we’ve ever used. This shower curtain will never die.

Features built in silver metal rings.

Like all Monsoon Vermont® Revolutionary Gear, the atrocious nature of plastic packaging makes for a perfect waterproof textile for shower curtains.

Dimensions 70" x 70".

Comes in multi color pattern.

Currently Available in Green Color

sewers shower curtain shower curtain finishing

TOTE (Perky)



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Let clients and customers know that you are playing a role in creating positive change within your community and the larger world.

Monsoon Vermont offers a wide range of corporate gifts that demonstrate a company's commitment to a broader social mission.

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